Resilient Urbanism


MIT Case Study

The MIT Case Study Initiative builds multimedia curriculum for urban planning, public policy, and real estate development education at the undergraduate, graduate, and professional development levels. MIT Case Studies immerse students into real-world scenarios addressing pressing social issues. Cases are built as linear, narrative stories, with a series of chapters that contain supplemental information for deeper dives. While on the ground, the team interviewed key County officials, developers, local residents, law and policy makers, engineers, planners and designers, and captured footage of the region's vulnerable urban fabric and dynamic landscape. This solidified the role of immersive, interactive, and visual elements as part of the contemporary research and learning process". This was an innovative production process that combined academic research, documentary-style film making, and user experience design. Professor Mazereeuw (MIT) and Fadi Masoud collaborated with the case study initiative manager Danya Sherman, creative director Jeff Soyk, case writer Laura Winig, and video producer and editor Paige Mazurek to transform a proven teaching tool – the case study – into a digital learning environment. It highlighted the potentials of merging text, videos, photos, documents, data, maps, assessments, and custom interactions, empowering students to problem‑solve and empathize with on‑the‑ground decision‑making.