Resilient Urbanism



The hydro corridors of Toronto are sprawling continuous surfaces of mostly vacant land. They are unusual terrain: both physically sparse but visually dominant. Stippled with electrical towers, planted in miles of mowed grass, they hold the promise of energy and endless green. They have immense civic and ecological potential but with an underwhelming physical existence. In an effort to reduce the carbon intensive practice of mowing this project proposed the transformation of these corridors into a complex network of productive green space. FeedToronto is proposed as a force of fiscal, ecological and social productivity. It re-imagines over 6,000 acres of mowed lawn as an abundant urban green that generates affordable, nutritious local food.

2012 RAIC National Urban Design Awards

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TeamDrew Adams, Fadi Masoud, Karen May, Denise C. Pinto, Jameson Skaife